C B Images

Images by Chris Bates

Some of my favourite images.
Close up Poppy.jpg

Close Up Poppy



Open Purple Tulip.jpg

Purple Tulip

Snowy Miniscape.jpeg

Snowy Miniscape

Red Wing Blackbird.jpg

Red Winged Blackbird

Pink Tulip Effects.jpg

Pink Tulips

Cloud Covered Mountaintop.jpg

Cloud Covered Mountaintop, Banff, AB

Genetic Mutation.jpg

Genetic Mutation

Calgary Zoo Panda.jpg

Calgary Zoo Panda

Banff Alberta Vermillion Lake.jpg

Vermillion Lake, Banff, AB

Lethbridge Viaduct.jpg

Lethbridge Viaduct

Ladies in Waiting (1 of 1).jpg

Ladies in Waiting

African Daisy.jpg

African Daisy

Canola Fields.jpg

Canola Fields

Yellow Leaves Heart Creek.jpg

Heart Creek Yellow Leaves

Confederation Park Red Deer.jpg

Red Deer Confederation Park