Blue Eyes Dragonfly II
Blue on Green: ISO 200, 87mm, f/4.0, 1/1600

This was taken at Elizabeth Hall Wetlands in Lethbridge, Alberta. A blue eyed dragon fly resting in the marsh.

Wind was blowing pretty good the day I took this. Hard to get a sharp photo.

Globe Trotting

A Honey Bee gathering pollen from a Globethistle.

Soft Harbour

Our Peonies are in bloom!

This is a wasp peeking out of one of our pink peonies. I got lucky. I wanted some dreamy shots of the peony waves and next thing I know this guy pops out. When I get close ups of the peonies I usually can’t get a shot without an insect of some sort or another. I guess the petals are as soft as they look and provide a safe, comfortable harbour for our backyard travelers.

Better Late than Never

Our Ornamental Plum Tree (Shrub) has finally flowered this year. Last year it flowered earlier but then we got a good dump of snow soon after. We hope the flowers stay longer this year. It’s makes a lovely site from our Dining room window.