Red Wing Blackbird
Red Wing Blackbird: ISO 320, 210mm, f/4.0, 1/320

Spotted this Male Red Winged Blackbird at Elizabeth Hall Wetland Nature Reserve in Lethbridge, Alberta pretty easily as he was trying to catch my attention as I moved closer to the marsh.

He must have been protecting a nest nearby because he was causing a loud distraction.

A couple of females were also flying around. They were probably busy gathering food for their young.

Fading Summer Aspens
Fading Summer Aspens: ISO 400, 36mm, f/8., 1/50

I took a some of my hiking and camera gear to the Bow Valley, west of Calgary, last week. Autumn is setting in a little early here this year.

As I was finishing my short hike of the Heart Mountain Trail the sun was setting and lighting up this stand of Aspens. I love shooting during the "Golden Hour" and have to get more often during this time.

I was going for an abstract image showing off the green turning to yellow. The way the sun is hitting the grasses in the lower left also gives the illusion of green grass turning to yellow.