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Photography by Chris Bates


Christmas, Alberta, Canada, Red Deer, Lights, City Hall
Christmas in the Park: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

This was taken the same night as the previous image. This is facing west at the Red Deer City Hall gardens.

In the summer it is quite the sight with roses and perennials.

In the winter, the city covers the trees, bushes and shrubs with lights. People are always strolling the pathways to get a closer look.

lights, Christmas, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. City Hall, cold
Christmas at Red Deer City Hall 2011

I love Christmas! The colour and and lights warm up our extraordinary cold and dark winters.

This was taken last night in downtown Red Deer with a simple pocket camera. The city decorates the City Hall Park and this rather large Christmas tree.

Christmas, Holidays, Lights, Bokeh
Christmas Tree Bokeh: ISO 400, 35mm, f/2.8, 1/15

Playing outside tonight with the camera. I shot this out of focus to achieve the "bokeh" effect on the lights.

Frost winter Christmas lights macro dark
Frosty Night: ISO 800, 35mm, f/2.8, 1/20

Frost Leaf dark Christmas Night lights macro
Frosty Leaves at Night: ISO 800, 35mm, f/2.8, 1/15

These were shot in the backyard Friday night. Both shots were handheld at a high using a high ISO.

Most of the trees in our area have this hoars frost on them. Makes the landscape look very cold.

Christmas, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Lamp Post at Night: ISO 800, 35mm, f/4, 1/6

It's December and Christmas is coming up fast.

Our neighbours are finally catching the Holiday Spirit. Of the 16 houses on our block 5 of us have outdoor lights up. That is pretty high as the last few years it has been around 2-3 homes (including ours).

Lights, Camera, Cold

Two Journal entries in one day! More -30 C images. Took this before the lights came on. Didn’t want the photo opportunity to melt.

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Winter

Big snow storm today. Looks like winter if officially here.

Christmas is Near

We finally got some snow. But it almost melted away today. Now it is starting to feel like Christmas is just around the corner.

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Christmas is little than a month away. This image was taken last year. I have not taken a shot of this yeas lights for two reasons. No snow yet and our Christmas Tree is not up yet.