C B Images

Photography by Chris Bates


Nesting Swan
Nesting Swan: ISO 500, 400mm, f6.3, 1/1600

I took this image last spring at a local conservation area. There was a pair of swans. One was on the nest, the other close by guarding the nest from the water. A pair of Canada Geese were also nesting in close proximity. This lead to some interesting scenes of conflict between the two parent groups.

Flight Path

Mallards in Flight: ISO 400, 290mm, f/11 1/500

I took a drive southeast of Red Deer last week scouting for photo opportunities. Currently migrating birds are visiting our area for a rest before they reach their final destinations to our north.

Ever since I moved to Alberta over 15 years ago I have always wanted to see Snow Geese. I thought this would be my lucky day as I seen a few white birds swimming in a small lake as I drove by. I quickly found a safe place to turn the car and headed back to where I spotted them.

As it turns out they were not Snow Geese. They were Tundra Swans. I had not seen a Tundra Swan before so all was not lost. The elusive Snow Goose still evades me. I wonder if they are related to the Abominable Snowman.

Tundra Swans: ISO 400, 400mm, f/11, 1/350