Heavy Dusting

Another picture from yesterday’s heavy hoar frost. Taken before the sun has fully risen. The foreground branches are illuminated by the streetlight.

Winter Wonderland

This is our backyard at sunrise this morning. There is a lot of moisture in the air and the results are breathtaking. Everything has a coating of frost. Even the clothesline.

One breath of wind and it all comes down.

Beautiful Day Yesterday

Merry Christmas to all!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in so many ways. Woke up to Santa’s presents and Mother Nature’s present of a nice covering of Hoar Frost.

This was taken in the front yard looking up at the trees that create a canopy over our street. Not a cloud in the sky so the sun was catching the hoar frost on the trees. A slight wind was brushing the frost off causing it to fall to the ground.

Jingle Bells

Are those Santa’s sleigh bells?

Oh Look! Another Frost Picture.

This is another image I took back on the 12th. It’s too cold to go out now to take new ones! Minus 30 Celsius then add the windchill factor.

This was a rose. Now it looks like something right out of a science fiction movie. Where is Sigourney Weaver when you need her?

Reminds me of our Kitchen Table

Well, I guess we will not be having a picnic in our backyard anytime soon. Not that we will want to when it has been averaging -15 C all week.

The title of the journal entry might be confusing unless I explain it here. Our kitchen table is the closest “drop off point” to our back door (The most used entrance to the house). After the accumulation of mail, flyers and my camera/lenses the table almost becomes unusable for its real true purpose.

I think the shadows on the ground look like some people are using the picnic table despite the snow. One is sitting on the right side and another is standing on the left. Maybe we have ghosts that cast shadows in our backyard.

Crown of Frost

Another image from earlier this week. Frost on a rose branch.

Lights, Camera, Cold

Two Journal entries in one day! More -30 C images. Took this before the lights came on. Didn’t want the photo opportunity to melt.


Minus 30 Celsius today! Leaves are trying to keep warm by covering themselves with a frosty blanket.

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Winter

Big snow storm today. Looks like winter if officially here.

Christmas is Near

We finally got some snow. But it almost melted away today. Now it is starting to feel like Christmas is just around the corner.

Santa Claus is coming to Town

Christmas is little than a month away. This image was taken last year. I have not taken a shot of this yeas lights for two reasons. No snow yet and our Christmas Tree is not up yet.

Fall Leaves

Took this picture yesterday before the strong winds started to swirl the leaves around.

Photo was converted to black and white using Nik’s Aperture plugin Silver Efex Pro.

Lest We Forget...

I took this picture of poppies in the Red Deer City Hall Gardens this summer knowing I would be using this image on Remembrance Day.

We do have poppies in our backyard but not this many red ones.

Missing the Sun

It’s November and I am really missing the warmth of the summer sun.

These House Sparrows were caught this summer taking a break on the neighbour’s shed catching the morning rays.

Frosty Rosehip

Is it Spring Yet?

I finished putting away the lawn furniture. Next chore is putting up the Christmas lights. The good thing about the lights is that it will bring back colour to the yard.

I posted this spring picture of the ornamental plum bloom to remind me that fall has to come in order to get back to spring.

It's Fall

Snow is gone and we are back to normal seasonal temperatures. Leaves are starting to fall off the trees and there is a lack of colour.

Took this picture late September. This flower comes up every year just as summer is ending.


It is still snowing. Leaves never had a chance to change colour on most of the trees in our neighbourhood including our crabapple tree.

Cold Roses

Second day of snowfall and it looks like today the snow will stay longer than a couple of hours.

Kinda Blue

Our batch of warm weather is gone. We have been consistently getting frost the last few evenings and chances of snow are now in the forecasts. Fall is finally here.

This Blue Delphinium re-bloomed again in late September. This was shot the same day as “Fall Showers bring October Flowers.”

The Big Haul

Dug up the potatoes from the garden today. Should be able to feed us for the winter.

Fall Showers bring October Flowers?

It finally rained! It will be interesting to see if we still have rose blooms at this time next year. As you can see by the picture there is still buds on this plant waiting for rain and the warm weather to continue. This was taken yesterday afternoon (September 26, 2009).

Warm Colours, Hot Temperature

Reached record highs today. Reached 34 degrees here in Red Deer.

This was shot a few weeks ago. Same day as the shot taken in “Glad Days are Here!” The gladiolas have all bloomed. Just have to dig out the bulbs and store them for the winter.


Well, so much for fall weather. Reached high 20’s again today and calling for temperatures in the 30’s tomorrow. Still watering our gardens and some of the plants are coming up for another round of blooms.

I chose this picture today because it reminds me of the hot sun we have had the past two weeks. This is a close up of a begonia. The flower petals look like hot rays of sun shining down on us.

Coming to an End

We had warm weather last week. Reached the 30 Celcius mark a few days in a row. That is unusual for an Alberta September. Frost is now coming so I will post as much summer garden pictures off before the snow flies. I guess I could also save some for the doldrums of winter.

This is a close up of a Geranium bloom outside our garage.

Glad Days are Here!

We were worried they would not come this year. Our Gladiola’s are finally starting to bloom. Took this shot last night as the sun was setting behind this flower.

Happy Song

This House Finch has frequented our yard the past few years. He usually does his unmistakable song in the late afternoon from high atop the trees.

Old Deck

You can see why it needed to be replaced.

Globe Trotting

A Honey Bee gathering pollen from a Globethistle.

Flower for a Day II

This a picture of a daylily that grows in front of our living room window. Took the picture just after watering the gardens during the unusual early September heat wave.

A Bird in Hand

I was watering the garden last night due to the extreme heat the last couple of days.

Yes, extreme heat in September in Alberta. I will try to enjoy it while it lasts.

I noticed this House Sparrow was caught in the neighbour’s lawn ornament and couldn’t move. I had to help it out and looked like it was in pretty rough shape. Her feet wouldn’t grab hold of anything and she wasn’t struggling as I held her. A few minutes later one of her feet wanted to hold on and she fluttered from my hands a few times and landed softly on the ground. I hid her under our apple tree in the dense vegetation so the neighbourhood cats wouldn’t spot her easily. I think the bird was in shock and pretty tired from trying to escape her trap.

Wet Slipper

I came across this picture from earlier this summer and it reminded me of the couple of weddings we have attended so far this year. The latest of which was last weekend in Fort MacLeod. It is a picture of a Lady Slipper that comes out every year under our pine tree. We also have a group that come up under our front cedar tree of which I have posted earlier.

Flower for a Day

A closeup of a daylily with Purple Ninebark as the backdrop.

Reach for the Sky

Same flower as the previous post.

Siamese Twin

We seem to get a double headed flower from this plant every year. One stem, two blooms.


Raspberries are so good. They are a little late this year compared to years past.


This is a picture of an Iris and some heads ready to bloom. Shot straight down. These are little Iris’ no bigger than the palm of my hand compared to the purple Iris’ shown earlier which would be hard to fit in a hand.

Pink Feathers

I am getting a little behind on posting some pictures I wanted to post. These are Peonies that bloomed last month. Most of the times the blooms get so big that the stem can no longer hold them up.

Just as I Feared

I have not seen the Wren and her newest addition to her family since late last week. It’s so sad when they leave the nest.

This is one of the final shots I have got of the mother Wren.

Goldfinch Spotted

When I travelled back home to Lakefield in June my Dad taught me some tricks to lure Goldfinch to the backyard. This is one that frequents our feeder and birdbath during the day. I hid the feeder in our crabapple tree and the birdbath is almost directly below it.

It took a few weeks before I actually seen Goldfinch come to our backyard after placing the feeder.

Look at Me

I wasn’t giving up with the Wren. I have spent the last couple of days trying to get more Wren shots as who knows how long the Baby Wren will call our backyard brush a safe harbour from the neighbourhood cats. I was trying to get photos of the baby last night and I was getting to close and she did fly a few feet into our crabapple tree.

This shot is of Mom trying to get my attention and at the same time looking for more bugs to feed Baby.

Feeding Time

The last few days we have had an agitated wren flying around the yard. I found out why this afternoon. She was creating a diversion so that we would not spot her baby.

This shot isn’t the greatest but I had to be quick to get the moment. I wish I had the tripod handy as the light was the best I was ever going to get.

Lady Slippers

I forgot to post this picture a couple of weeks ago when they bloomed. The lady slippers are a surprise that come up under our cedar tree every spring.

Soft Harbour

Our Peonies are in bloom!

This is a wasp peeking out of one of our pink peonies. I got lucky. I wanted some dreamy shots of the peony waves and next thing I know this guy pops out. When I get close ups of the peonies I usually can’t get a shot without an insect of some sort or another. I guess the petals are as soft as they look and provide a safe, comfortable harbour for our backyard travelers.

More Deep Purple

Thought I would show another image of our Purple Iris’. I took this one in the early morning as the flowers were getting the morning sun.

Happy Canada Day

I did not take this shot in my backyard. It was taken in Vancouver two years ago while visiting Angela’s Mother. It’s red and it is similar to a maple leaf. Can’t find many maples in Alberta to get a true picture of the Canadian Emblem. So this will have to do!

Baby Magpie

Got home from work one afternoon and was lucky to spot a baby magpie learning to fly. He was sitting on the fence of our compost heap. I was able to get within arms reach to take some good shots.

Those not familiar to these birds they may look pretty but they do make for some annoying alarm clocks in the early morning as well as scare and destroy pretty songbirds that share their territory.

Deep Purple

Our iris’ are in bloom now. We have a nice bunch of purple iris’ by our back door. I took this shot during a short afternoon rain sprinkle. It is still dry here so that is why I said sprinkle.

When the light hits the iris’ just right you kind of get an iridescent display of colour. I tried to capture it in this picture.

Nothing Like a Cold Shower

Well summer is here and it is abnormally dry here this year. So that means we water the gardens a little more.

One morning I was watering and heard what sounded like a couple of birds fighting (or whatever else birds might do) in our crabapple tree. Turns out it was one chickadee taking a shower in the freshly sprinkled crab apple leaves. I think I made his day!

Watch My Back

Another picture from my Parent’s backyard. They have a nyjer seed feeder which the finches congregate and pig out. I set up the camera and tripod in various positions around the feeder hoping to get some good shots of them perching on nearby plants/trees.

Glowing Hearts

Standing in the backyard yesterday morning and noticed the light hitting the back of these bleeding hearts under the crabapple tree. Had to rush to get the camera before the sun rose any further.

Great Holiday

Just got back from visiting my family back in Ontario. This is another picture not from my Red Deer backyard but about a decade and a half ago it was my Ontario backyard.

Mom and Dad have a hummingbird feeder set up on their dining room bay window. I sat and watched for hours the steady stream of what I think was four hummingbirds come in for refueling.

Bird Watching

Okay, you got me this image isn’t from my backyard. But it is an image about one of our three cats wanting to be in the backyard. We let them outside on warm days under extreme supervision.

This is a picture of our newest cat, Maverick. He is bird watching from the living room window!

I was practicing using my new flash (strobe) and bounce card for an upcoming wedding. My first wedding, so please wish me luck!

Nothing Says Spring Like Apple Blossoms

Our two apple trees are in blossom right now. I will probably hold back some pictures for later (Like in the winter and Fall!) The fragrance and the colour these trees give off make the backyard maintenance worth it.

This blossom is from the crab apple tree. As you can see the flowers are pinkish in colour. You can see a bud out of focus on the left (Hiding behind a bloom) and it is a deeper shade of pink.

Better Late than Never

Our Ornamental Plum Tree (Shrub) has finally flowered this year. Last year it flowered earlier but then we got a good dump of snow soon after. We hope the flowers stay longer this year. It’s makes a lovely site from our Dining room window.

Is Spring Finally Here?

Well, the snow is gone (For the third time this year). Weather forecast has warm temperatures continuing for the remainder of the week. Our apple trees are getting ready to blossom and most of the tulips are now up.

I colour enhanced this photo to exaggerate the fiery look of these tulips which bloom to celebrate the warmth of spring.

A Typical May Long Weekend in Alberta

May Long Weekend in Alberta. Travelers dust off the RV’s and light up the campfires. Angela and I do whatever we can do save our poor flowers from Mother Nature.

Tulips in Bloom

Some of our tulips have been up for a couple of weeks but now that the weather has finally warmed (for a couple of days anyways) most of them are up and blooming.

Neighbour's Pet

I took this shot from our front yard looking at the neighbour’s tree. She feeds this squirrel peanuts and bird seed. She says he lives in our pine tree.

May the Fourth be with You

Isn't April Known for Showers?

End of April and we are still experiencing the wonders of snow.